Visit with Aunt Joann & Cousin Susan
Sunday Feb. 23, 2003

Sunday morning we awoke to the news that Gil had a blockage. After getting him settled into the hospital we decided to go along with our plans to visit my aunt in West Palm Beach. Gil was going to be in for the night and he didn't want us changing our plans. We did however keep checking in with him to make sure things were going okay. I hated being miles from him but everything worked out timing wise.

Right is a picture of Polly's Aunt Joann's condo, isn't it done up so cute and tropical?

Joann and Barbara watch on as Sarah
swims in the pool. On the wall behind the the
pool line is a painting of a clay pot.

 Joann is in the process of painting these pots with vines and palm trees around the bordering wall to decorate the pool area.

Sunday night we stayed the night at Polly's cousin Susan's house. She is a artist that paints and does restoration for people like the Kennedy's and the Trumps to name a couple of the big names. This is a storm shelter they built using port holes and a vault door (left) It turned out so nice they decided to make it their bedroom as well. She did such a neat job on it.

Cousin Susan

The swamp buggy her and Dennis built

Sarah in her designer bedroom

And here was our bedroom.

The next day, we take a drive to the beach near Joann's place

a view of the beach from walk way

Sarah goes for a brief swim, still to cold

Gil is finally released from the hospital Monday evening. We pick him up and check into a hotel near the airport. We wake up Tuesday morning at 3:45 so we can get to the airport an hour and a half early. Only to find out that our flight was canceled. Well, we finally made it home late Tuesday afternoon. We certainly had a vacation that we would not forget. Even with all the ups and downs we did have a good time.