Vegas Weekend Away

Okay, so for David's birthday I gave him a weekend getaway because the rooms were so cheap. I also thought it would be a great place to get
 some walking in. $12.99 for weeknight and $25.00 for weekend. 6 coupons for buffets at Stateline and a list of free shows and we were ready to go.
The rooms were decent and they even offered us an additional night free, which we took them up on. With the players card we got some bonus gambling
points and won a total of $36.00 we saved $40.00 at the buffets but added to our waistline thank goodness for all the walking we did to make up for it.
So come along with us as I recap our weekend. (Click on the pictures to see them enlarged.)

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We decided to hit the middle of the strip to begin our walking for the day. First stop Caesars Palace where we saw the moving statues, aquarium, and forum shops
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The statue show was kinda cheesy but hey it's free. Dave and Sarah especially liked the spiral escalators pictured on the right.

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Next stop the Venetian, this has got to be one of my favorites. I love the feel of being outdoors with the painted sky ceilings and the charm of the gondolas.
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Chinese New Year decorations adorned most of the nice casino's. Which was perfect for Sarah since she has an Asian theme room.
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This was an interesting show. We were just enjoying the view when these ladies came down the escalator and onto the falls platform. The water coming out from
their finger tips provided an unusual dancing waters show. I enjoyed this very much and the costumes were beautiful as well. Most these shows are on the hour.
(Sarah took all the pictures of the ladies at the waterfall)

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On the way back to the car we stop to view the new Mirage volcano. I was disappointed to see they removed the tigers from the entry and we got there to late to
see the Secret Gardens. The gardens isn't free but so worth the money to see the animals and dolphins. The volcano erupts nightly  which we stopped by later to see (below)

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Day two and we are off to see New York New York and the MGM Grand. No free shows inside the New York but it's fun to look at. The lions at the MGM are something!
(Sarah took the two on each end as well as the lion pictures below)

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With this exhibit you can view it from around the case as well as a tunnel that looks up from underneath these beautiful creatures. Better to see just how big they are.
IMG_4398.JPG (1687865 bytes) IMG_4439.JPG (618718 bytes) IMG_4410.JPG (624297 bytes) Copy of IMG_4360.JPG (694297 bytes)

IMG_41972.JPG (268171 bytes) IMG_42061.JPG (722652 bytes) hawaiian.jpg (68511 bytes) IMG_4226.JPG (364897 bytes)
Here are some interesting things to see. Left: this rotating glass focal point can be found at the MGM. Sarah stands outside of the Rainforest Cafe with this wall lizard.
Making our way up the strip we stop off at the Hawaiian Market place and get a glance at this odd looking bird who was not to happy being out that day.

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We wonder into the Miracle Mile Shops which connects from Planet Hollywood to Paris. This is the remains of the Aladdin Hotel's Market Place. I'm
glad they kept it because I enjoyed feeling like I was in a far away land. Every hour there is a thunder storm and rain that falls over the village river.
The sky goes dark and thunder sounds are heard. Also in the shops area near Planet Hollywood you will find a lazer light show to popular movie soundtracks.

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Aw, Paris! What can I say except again I just love the look inside and out. Perhaps it's about time to travel to the real places. Again, no free show but you can
enjoy your time walking through the theme decorated store fronts and stop and get yourself a crepe. Tip: share it with someone. Sarah nearly got sick trying to eat it all.

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We cross the street to go to the Bellagio and catch the outdoor dancing waters show. This is a must see and runs every half an hour. It's also a good picture spot of the Paris.

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This is the front entrance that you are looking at. Between the valet and Las Vegas Blvd. The big lake is where the water show is.

IMG_4259.JPG (488213 bytes) IMG_4273.JPG (406300 bytes) IMG_4277.JPG (589584 bytes) IMG_4022.JPG (483142 bytes)
Inside the Bellagio you will find the sculptures of the Cirque Du Soleil acts, and beautiful glass artwork.

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Our favorite discovery is the Jean Philippe Patisserie shop which showcases the world's tallest and largest chocolate fountain, and some sinful looking treats too.
Not shown is the top of this fountain which has several more tiers of flowing chocolate. You just have to see it for yourself.

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Finally we end our Bellogio tour with a visit to their conservatory & botanical garden. The theme changes with the seasons. When we were there they were still working
on the Chinese New Year theme. You can spot some construction equipment in the background of the Chinese statue. I've also seen their fall arrangement which was nice.

IMG_4343.JPG (794536 bytes) Copy of IMG_43411.JPG (725425 bytes) IMG_4352.JPG (535947 bytes) IMG_4452.JPG (411411 bytes)
Vegas really shines at night it is quite a sight. We head over to the Rio for our last free show of the day, The Show In The Sky with suspended floats and dancers.

155939_1.jpg (122773 bytes) IMG_4444.JPG (664812 bytes)
There is something for everyone here, unless of course you are under 18. Dave liked the dancing girls, Sarah liked the Chippendale men posing for pictures, and I liked
the floats. Okay, the Chippendale men weren't so bad either. Watch out for flying beads, I turned to watch Sarah catch one and got hit in the face by one being thrown to me.
This has got to be the party hotel. After the show the entertainment continued with dancing bartenders and whistles blowing as drinks were being poured into peoples mouths.
And yes, this was another free show but the Chippendale men do have their own show here for a fee. And no, Fernando, Sarah and I did not see it. She was a good girl.
In fact they stepped forward and took her by the arm to pull her into the shot. Dave took this picture from the balcony above. Of course they also sell the pictures for a pretty
penny. And no, we didn't buy any. They also have show girls posing for pictures so you men won't feel left out. And this pretty much ended our second day.

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Sarah needed a break our third day and stayed back at the hotel while Dave and I went to the Silverton. The aquarium had a mermaid interacting with the guests.
The store was huge and had all these pretty sets. If you have any fondness to the outdoors this is the store for you. If not just look around at the scenery it's free.
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We went back out to Vegas in the evening and the moon was just beautiful. The picture to the left is the moon over the hotel across the street. The zoom didn't do well
with the distance and the lights but you get the idea. Also notice the picture on the right. Between were some additional random pictures that I liked and have thrown in.

IMG_4558.JPG (430685 bytes) IMG_4560.JPG (691646 bytes) Copy of IMG_4521.JPG (514021 bytes) Copy of IMG_4532.JPG (535716 bytes)
The Treasure Island show is another must see for free. Set at the lake outside the Casino is two battling ships. The show has explosives, drama, and even a sinking ship.
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IMG_4555.JPG (367811 bytes) Copy of IMG_4507.JPG (483488 bytes) Copy of IMG_4537.JPG (361310 bytes) IMG_4552.JPG (448519 bytes)
As promised way back at the beginning of this story, here are the pictures of the Mirage Volcano erupting. Pretty right? Well that was our weekend and extra night free.