Our Family Vacations

Our Latest Trip

Alaska Cruise Family Vacation
July 5 - July 12 2009

IMG_5935.JPG (657051 bytes)
Vacationing with Dave's family

Florida & Western Caribbean Cruise
May 28 - June 10 2008

May 29 & 30 Museum & Manatee center      
Judy's big cats encounter              
Departing Port of Miami on Cruise ship
Cozumel Shore Excursion            
Grand Cayman shore excursion           
Jamaica shore excursion              
  Florida Keys                           
Viscaya Museum & Coral Castle           


Oregon Family Vacation 2007

Vacation with Dave's Family

15 day Road Trip through Washington
August 8-22 2004

Days 1 & 2 San Francisco, Redwoods, & Gold Beach, Oregon
Day 3 Rogue River boat tour 
Days 4 & 5 Sightseeing on the Oregon coast 
Days 6- 9 Washougal, WA. visiting the Kacins & flying
Day 10 Orca whale watching trip
Day 11 Columbia River Gorge & water falls
Days 12 & 13 Oregon, Crater Lake & Shasta
Days 14 & 15 Casa de Fruita, Monterey

Lake McClure House boating
Family Vacation
August 25-Sep. 1, 2003

Vacation with Dave's Family

House Boat Trip
View From Top Deck
Yosemite Day Trip
Fun On The Lake
Jet Skiing



Past Vacations

June 2003

Highlight of the trip the Coleman family reunion

Our first day 6/12/03
Air Force Museum 6/13/03
Coleman Family Reunion 6/14/03
Bear Mill 6/15/03
Chambers Reunion 6/16/03
Clifton Mill 6/17/03


Florida Vacation
February 2003

Vacationing with Dave's dad & Polly's mom

Our Florida Condo 2/18/03
Epcot Center 2/20/03
Jet Show 2/21/03
Manatee River Tour 2/22/03
Visit with Polly's Aunt 2/23/03

Our 15th Anniversary trip

Driving the coast
September 2002

For our 15th Anniversary we took
a drive along the coast up to 
Monterey, Ca. It was a very
romantic vacation for us both.

Morro Bay 9/26/02 
Cambria 9/26/02
Driving Big Sur 9/27/02
Point Lobos Park 9/27
Monterey 9/28/02

April 2002

We went to Colorado for Dave's cousins
wedding. While their we couldn't resist 
doing some sightseeing.

Estes Park 4/26/02
Cousin Matt's Wedding 4/27
Butterfly Pavilion 4/28
Garden of the Gods 4/29

Las Vegas Weekend 
May 3, 2002

Orleans Hotel 
Bellagio & Paris Hotel 
Mirage Hotel & Casino
Mandalay Bay Hotel 
Venetian Hotel 
Treasure Island Hotel


Past Friese/Linklater Family Vacations