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Soggy Flying Trips 

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Sarah drives the motor home 

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Soggy Dry Lake Bed in Lucerne Valley

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getting set up

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Leo's helicopter

Copy of Picture 006.jpg (2294260 bytes)
and combat wings

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Mike's set up

Copy of Picture 008.jpg (2485411 bytes)
closer look at one of his planes

soggy3-050007.JPG (890818 bytes)
Mike G.

Sarah rides Ian's scooter

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Dave and Mikes rocket plane invention

soggy3-050011.JPG (863470 bytes)
setting up for first launch

Copy of Picture 010.jpg (2411813 bytes)
Looks like there isn't going to be another flight

Picture 012.jpg (2238210 bytes)
Back to the drawing board

Picture 014.jpg (2270972 bytes)
Now for the bat plane

soggy3-050019.JPG (707043 bytes)
Leo launches it for Dave

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Another weekend when the weather was not so good