We are off to Washougal, Washington to visit the Kacin family
Days 6 - 9

Dave and cloudx.JPG (228608 bytes)
Dave, Joe and Charles waste no time heading off to fly

Fred Joe Dave2x.JPG (344004 bytes)
Dave's been waiting all week for this moment

Fred Joe Davex.JPG (296860 bytes)
The guys are having a great time

Cat and Fred2x.JPG (696840 bytes)
The girls and the kids enjoy time together as well. It was fun
watching their dog Fred play with the neighbors cat

Dave and Joex1.JPG (335868 bytes)
Day 7 and the boys are off and flying again

Dave Joe and Gus plane1x.JPG (283460 bytes)
while the girls head off to a flee market

After buying some jewelry we head over to the wool mills
to take a look around.

Joan use to work here. A lot of unique products

Davex.JPG (383852 bytes)
Day 8 and the guys are still having fun

Joe and cloudx.JPG (229884 bytes)
We laugh about when we will see them again

d8rll.JPG (216319 bytes)
while the guys fly the rest of us take a tour of

d8rll2.JPG (216370 bytes)
Round Lake Loop Park

d8rll3.JPG (214362 bytes)
This was a pretty park with lots of shade trees

d8rll4.JPG (212366 bytes)
and of course the lake was nice too.

d8rll5.JPG (218622 bytes)
This is a picture of the dam at the park

d8camriv.JPG (182252 bytes)
Sarah swims in the river where Lewis and Clark were

Aug visit3x.JPG (459396 bytes)
Their daughter brings over her two dogs

Aug visit2x.JPG (530292 bytes)
We go for a walk at the near by school

Aug visit4x.JPG (573428 bytes)
These dogs are huge

Aug visit6x.JPG (680524 bytes)
Sarah thinks they make a nice back rest

d8redlion.JPG (184763 bytes)
We Stayed the night at the Red Lion Hotel in WA.

Mt Hood lit upx.JPG (298888 bytes)
Mount Hood

Day 9 we drove to Cape Hood and then Dave got one last flight in with his buddy Charles before we headed off on our 3 1/2 hour drive to Everett, WA. Which is north of Seattle. Our destination is to a Inn located at the port where we will be catching our whale watching tour the next morning.

Take Home Trash2x.jpg (50648 bytes)

Take Trash Homex.JPG (314716 bytes)

Inn at Port Gardner Everett, WA.

d9portg.JPG (184704 bytes)
The view from our room