Days 4 & 5 Sightseeing along the Oregon Coast

map1.gif (49901 bytes)
We traveled from Lincoln city near the top

map2.gif (71910 bytes)
to Florence near the bottom, and back to Lincoln city

d4dpb.JPG (207748 bytes)
Devil's Punch Bowl located in Newport, Oregon

d4or.JPG (188829 bytes)
Otter Crest in Otter Rock, Or.

d4dsor.JPG (184580 bytes)
We saw a whale here it was exciting 

d4capep.JPG (192695 bytes)
Cape Perpetua overlook Siuslaw, Or.

d4seacave.JPG (178297 bytes)
Sea Lion Cave in Florence, Or. It was a bit windy & cold

d4seacave1.JPG (188469 bytes)
There are lots of sea lions in this cave but I didn't have a zoom
For small fee you take an elevator down into the cave

d4seacave3.JPG (197608 bytes)
There is an outside viewing are as well

d4seacave2.JPG (204939 bytes)
click on picture to enlarge. There are sea lions on rocks below

d4beach1.JPG (202923 bytes)
On the way back we stopped in the Waldport area

d4beach2.JPG (203000 bytes)
We spent about an hour here. I found it so pretty.

d4beach3.JPG (199465 bytes)
I didn't catch the name of it however

drbeach4.JPG (203061 bytes)
Family photo op.

P81101371.JPG (197225 bytes)
Sarah had fun drawing in the sand

P8110136.JPG (190493 bytes)
Her signature bird

Day 5 we made this surprise stop at the Tillamook Cheese Creamery for Sarah

d5tillamook.jpg (581488 bytes)
I spotted this in a sightseeing book and thought of Sarah

d5til1.JPG (205180 bytes)
Everyone knows she loves cheese

d5til2.JPG (203584 bytes)
We got to sample the various cheeses

d5til3.JPG (214615 bytes)
and watch the process of how they make and package it

P8120143.JPG (196608 bytes)
We bought some Tillamook ice cream to eat and Sarah

P8120145.JPG (187992 bytes)
met these fuzzy friends under the tree where we sat

David finds a great spot for slope flying and spends about 45min at a cliff along the Oregon coast
(check back later for added video footage)