Days 14 & 15 Casa de Fruita in Gilroy and Monterey Bay, California

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We made a stop at Casa de Fruita to look around
There was no vacancy at the motel, which looked a bit dumpy

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The place looked cute on the website with a store and train

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The animals seemed to be not well taken care of

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We paid $3.00 a person to get into their zoo

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Which turned out to be a handful of farm animals

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I had considered camping here but after seeing the place

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I'm not sure it's worth a return trip

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We decide to head over to Monterey, CA.

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We found this cute little Inn for really cheap

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The Del Monte Inn located just a block from the Wharf

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The bathroom was unique as you step up into it

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Taking a walk on the Pier at Fisherman's Wharf

We saw sea otters, seals and starfish at Fisherman's Wharf

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We had fun watching all the seals

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They sure are noisey

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Everyone is getting hungry so we stake out a restaurant

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We pick the End of the Pier to eat some seafood

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Day 15 were heading home. We take the scenic route to

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Lovers Point and 17 mile drive

We stopped for lunch at the Madonna Inn San Luis Opbispo

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The urinal at the Madonna inn is the reason we stopped
check out this link for more information on it