Day 3 Rogue River Mail Boat Tour
64 mile round trip on a jet boat along the Rogue River

d3jerry1.JPG (203732 bytes)
Boarding from our dock at the hotel

d3jerry2.JPG (215264 bytes)
along the river we spot seals, otters, & bald eagles


d3jerry3.JPG (204472 bytes)
at one time the river was as high as this bridge

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Our guides family owns one of the lodges along the river

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Before noon it's a bit chilly, so blankets are available

d3jerry6.JPG (201254 bytes)
A nice view of the river

d3jerry7.JPG (217558 bytes)
We stop for lunch at Singing Springs Lodge

d3jerry8.JPG (216284 bytes)
Sarah kicks back under the shade

d3jerry9.JPG (215666 bytes)
A view from the lodge restaurant

d3jerry10.JPG (192459 bytes)
Back on board and having fun

d3jerry11.JPG (205377 bytes)
the driver does 360's and gets us wet

d3jerry12.JPG (201028 bytes)
This was such a fun ride

d3jerry13.JPG (186262 bytes)
Heading back to the resort

d3jerry14.JPG (206035 bytes)
View of the resort from the dock

d3azb1.JPG (199754 bytes)
While in Gold Beach we stop at a campground where

d3azb2.JPG (185467 bytes)
David and I spent our 1 year anniversary

Ester Lee Cottages where we stayed for the next 3 nights in Lincoln, Oregon

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This little cottage was home away from home. It had 2
bedrooms, a kitchen and living room with a fireplace

d3ester2.JPG (184893 bytes)
We enjoyed eating breakfast while admiring the view

d3ester3.JPG (200834 bytes)
It was so relaxing just sitting here looking out the windows