Day 12 & 13 Oregon, Crater Lake & Shasta

d12bondam1.jpg (197499 bytes)
Bonneville Dam

d12bondam22.jpg (203254 bytes)
Also here is the fish ladder below

d12fshlad1.jpg (194962 bytes)
View from outside. Allows fish to travel from one end of dam

d12fshlad2.jpg (123383 bytes)
to the other. This is a view from underneath the water

d12ston1.jpg (189901 bytes)
A replica of Stonehenge was built as a war memorial

d12ston2.jpg (203430 bytes)
it is located near the Maryhill museum in the Gorge

d12set.jpg (153085 bytes)
Arriving at Klamath Falls as the sun sets

d12bug.jpg (179411 bytes)
It sounded like rain as the bugs smashed on our window

The Best Western in Klamath Falls had one room available We were told to hurry into the room and not turn the light on till the door was closed. As we walked to our room which had a light outside of it we saw a haze of bugs. We were careful not to breath

d13crat1.jpg (216142 bytes)
Day 13 was full of promise as we traveled to Crater Lake

d13crat2.jpg (206942 bytes)
What a beautiful area

d13crat3.jpg (197246 bytes)
I must have snapped 20 pictures around this lake

d13crat4.jpg (187507 bytes)
Every time I looked at it the sun lit it up in a different way

d13crat5.jpg (201163 bytes)
The blue in the water was incredible

d13crat6.jpg (204403 bytes)
This chipmunk is enjoying the view too

d13crat7.jpg (203717 bytes)
Sarah feeds this chipmunk some nuts

d13crat8.jpg (200812 bytes)
She makes some new friends

d13crat9.jpg (205116 bytes)
More stunning shots of the lake

d13crat10.jpg (188594 bytes)
I can't decide which picture I like best

d13crat111.jpg (191747 bytes)
dirty but still a good looking car

d13crat12.jpg (197846 bytes)
 Crater Lake from the other side

d13crat13.jpg (213209 bytes)
Here's another picture of our good looking daughter too.

d13crat14.jpg (198708 bytes)
Phantom rock in the background

d13crat15.jpg (214173 bytes)
Look what I found as we are leaving the park

d13crat16.jpg (216039 bytes)
It's another waterfall

d13shas1.jpg (207356 bytes)
Off to Shasta, CA

d13shas2.jpg (202945 bytes)
We check into Strawberry Valley Inn

d13shas3.jpg (182980 bytes)
This was a cute Bed and Breakfast

d13shas4.jpg (210789 bytes)
We enjoyed watching a cat & mouse play in the courtyard