15 day Road Trip through Washington
Days 1& 2 Stops in San Francisco & Redwoods

day1sf1.JPG (175094 bytes)
Our first stop was an overnight
stay in San Francisco. We actually
stayed just outside of it in San Mateo.

Sarah and Polly had never been there so we picked a couple of highlights to see. First off was Lombard Street.

day1lombard2.JPG (170098 bytes)
Dave enjoyed taking the road with the new car.

day1lombard1.JPG (194502 bytes)
click on the pictures to enlarge

day1pier39.JPG (181346 bytes)
 After that we went to Pier 39 to see the sea lions

day1sea1.JPG (186459 bytes)
and to have dinner at the Wharf.

day1seal3.JPG (182366 bytes)
These sea lions were fun to watch

day1seal4.JPG (201186 bytes)
we all got a kick out the one that vomited on the others

pier39night.JPG (158597 bytes)
The pier lit up

P8090025.JPG (204570 bytes)
This was a nice mural painted on the parking structure

Day 2, leaving San Francisco and heading for Oregon

After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge we set our sites
on Humboldt Redwoods State Park. At the entrance of
The Avenue of the Giants is the Shrine Drive-Thru tree.

d2treesign.JPG (213100 bytes)

d2shrinetree.jpg (961810 bytes)
You get a free postcard with your admission

d2tree1.JPG (205256 bytes)
This was a bit of a tight squeeze

d2tree2.JPG (203800 bytes)
Dave enjoyed it so much he drove thru again

d2treehouse.JPG (206303 bytes)
They had this tree house there as well

d2red.JPG (214572 bytes)
taking a look at the ferns

d2red2.JPG (207308 bytes)
Weott River

d2red3.JPG (215720 bytes)
Dave and Sarah have fun skimming stones

d2red4.JPG (216720 bytes)
I love all the trees

d2red5.JPG (199227 bytes)
just another pretty view

d2red6.JPG (210419 bytes)
What a great looking car

d2red7.JPG (210363 bytes)
It is so pretty driving thru these redwoods

d2red8.JPG (216666 bytes)
The road is fun to drive too, or so I am told

d2view5.JPG (216532 bytes)
after seeing a dead deer and dead raccoon we finally

d2elk.JPG (193781 bytes)
spot a field of live elks. Enlarge to see better

d2view1.JPG (186368 bytes)
Entering Oregon's coast

d2view2.JPG (190823 bytes)
We stop at a look out point

d2view3.JPG (202063 bytes)
I think this was called Hole in Rock

d2view4.JPG (192156 bytes)
Oregon is so beautiful

We stayed the night at Jot's River Resort in Gold Beach

We enjoyed a salmon dinner at their restaurant
Fresh Salmon here is the best


d2jots2.JPG (198877 bytes)
the view from our room was incredible

d2jots3.JPG (196370 bytes)
We could watch seals and dolphins swim from the room