Day 11 we say goodbye to the folks in Washington and head for
the Columbia River Gorge

d11gor.JPG (195415 bytes)
Vista House outlook of the Gorge

d11latfall.JPG (198129 bytes)
Latourell Falls

d11latfal1.JPG (210205 bytes)
the trail to the falls is easy

d11latfal2.JPG (210302 bytes)
you can walk right up to the water

d11latfal3.JPG (207820 bytes)
Sarah gets close enough to get sprayed

d11latfal4.JPG (206846 bytes)
Makes for a nice picture spot

d11hors2.JPG (207924 bytes)
On to the next falls

d11hors1.JPG (213725 bytes)
Horsetail Falls

d11shepdel.JPG (203706 bytes)

d11sd1.JPG (216793 bytes)

d11sd3.JPG (210209 bytes)
Yes, I have a thing for waterfalls

d11sd2.JPG (204646 bytes)
this one is Shepperds Dell

d11wakenfal.JPG (215545 bytes)
Don't leave yet one of the prettiest is yet to come

d11wakfal2.JPG (209143 bytes)
Wahkeena Falls

d11wakfall3.JPG (212540 bytes)

d11wakfal4.JPG (205894 bytes)

d11mult1.JPG (211795 bytes)
Multnomah Falls

d11mult2.JPG (204336 bytes)
See isn't it pretty?

d11mult3.JPG (208425 bytes)
As we arrived at this fall a rescue team was on its way up

d11mult4.JPG (212252 bytes)
It was an awful feeling. Thankfully the girl was ok.

d11pony1.JPG (209216 bytes)
This is the last falls for the day

d11pont2.JPG (215990 bytes)
Ponytail Falls

d11bog1.JPG (190630 bytes)
We went on the Bridge of the Gods

d11bog2.JPG (174171 bytes)
in Cascade Locks, OR.

d11bog3.JPG (199225 bytes)
It was weird to be able to look down through the bridge

d11bog4.jpg (196822 bytes)
Were staying the night at a hotel that looks out to the bridge

d11end.JPG (207743 bytes)
a look out point

d11end2.JPG (174213 bytes)
The view from the look out

d11bw1.jpg (677903 bytes)
I spotted this hotel while in the area and asked Dave if we

d11bw2.JPG (194735 bytes)
could check it out. It was reasonably priced so we got it

d11bw31.JPG (201747 bytes)
I kept making everyone sit in the living room

d11bw4.jpg (201803 bytes)
we even brought our breakfast into the room for the view

d11bw5.jpg (199572 bytes)
Sarah and Dave enjoyed to pool area the

d11bw6.jpg (196320 bytes)
following morning. They had it all to themselves