Day 10 Setting Sail on a Whale Watching Trip through the

San Juan Islands & Friday Harbor

d10breakfst.JPG (189445 bytes)
Breakfast is delivered to our room in a basket

d10mos.JPG (183269 bytes)
Then it's off to board the Mosquito fleet at 7:55 am

d10orc1.JPG (198509 bytes)
This is a whale watching tour around the San Juan Islands

d10orc2.JPG (192890 bytes)
We go by Deception Pass Bridge

d10orc3.JPG (180091 bytes)
The tour is about 9 1/2 hours round trip

d10orc4.JPG (193583 bytes)
With an hour lunch break on Friday Harbor Island

d10orc5.JPG (186169 bytes)
We saw Sea lions like this one

d10orc6.JPG (184418 bytes)
I was so excited to see all the Orcas. This one came so close

Since I didn't have a zoom I couldn't get any other good shots

so these 4 I down loaded showing you what we saw.

We saw several pods, one with it fin out like above right

and we saw two orcas breeching. What a sight

d10orc7.JPG (196703 bytes)

These are pictures

that I took

The pictures are full scale

and cropped

d10orc9.JPG (195024 bytes)
a picture of a ferry boat

d10orc10.JPG (184478 bytes)
Dave's having so much fun

d10doub1.JPG (185411 bytes)
That night we stayed at the Double Tree Hotel in Portland
This was a nice hotel in the Portland area.

d10doub2.JPG (197605 bytes)
Sarah got to take a quick swim the nest morning
while we did some laundry