Sarah's 12th Birthday
Rainforest Party

starting with the decorations, we filled the ceiling
with green balloons and streamers. I then put out
as many  plants as I could get a hold of. I turned
the fireplace into a waterfall and played sounds of
the rainforest on our stereo to set the mood.

In all the plants and trees I placed snakes, bugs
butterflies, lizards etc. I also made use of Sarah's
stuffed animals and beanie babies. Birds, tigers,
monkeys and more all to give that nature feeling.

Sarah dresses the part in her safari outfit

The guests arrive by raft on our very own river

Activities included a creature hunt, slingshot
practice and rainforest products word search

Our day also included some recycling crafts.
Here they make banks out of Pringles cans

Dinner: chicken skewers, rice, fruit & rolls

And of course the birthday cake