Welcome to Polly's Page

A recent pictures of me

Hi there, and thank you for visiting. After over 10 years of doing this web page I have decided to add a page about me.

As you may know I like to travel and plan excursions. If you have visited my Vacations page
you already have a taste for what I enjoy doing.

I'll spend hours looking up places of interest for where ever we are headed. So, If you are planning a trip check out my vacations page to see if we have been there. Right now I am researching Alaska for a
family cruise. Look for pictures coming soon.

I also enjoy taking the vacation pictures although
in the last year I have competition with Sarah in
the picture taking department. If it's animal related
then most likely Sarah has the camera. She does really good with the close ups.

I have been on a weight loss journey with David
this last year. He has lost an amazing 100 pounds,
but as they tell me, because I am a girl I lost less then he did. But I am still at it and hopefully by
next year I will be to my goal. 55 pounds so far
and glad to be making it back into the photo gallery which I hated to be in before.

Other then that my hobby is this webpage. I have
also worked as a leader with the youth group at
my church. And I am becoming more active with David in the HAM Radio world. KI6CUK is my
call sign. Please visit the family fun and vacation
pages as that's where I really spend my time, with
my family and friends.


Vs this picture of me in Aug 2007