Pet Show Party

For Sarah's 11th Birthday it was Sarah who picked the theme for her party. A pet show theme where all the kids come dressed as pets.

We decorated the room with all her Beanie Babies and other stuffed pets. Below you see the wonderful mix that her stuffed animals and real pets made as decorations.

They each modeled there costume on a stage and were given awards by each category of pet. The kids were each given a pet name tag and were registered for the show. The kids participated in such games as match the pet drawing to the owner, movie animals trivia, and balloon bounce.

Food was favorite pet foods of course, like goldfish crackers, sunflower seeds, carrots, etc. served in bowls.  

Can you spot the real dog?

Pet food never tasted so good

Joe hamster

Laura unicorn

Ricky dog

Remi dog

match the drawing to the owner game

movie trivia game