Missionary Trip To Peru


The team meets for practice everyday for almost 2 months.
Practicing 4 hours each day the movements to 3 songs and one skit.

As they perfect their songs and skit the church gets a sneak preview of what the Peruvian people will get to see.

 Performance to the song We Speak To Nations

The Journey Man skit

In the parking lot ready to leave and ready to perform

Saying goodbye to family as they embark on their journey

Arriving in Lima Peru. This is the bus they drove around in

This is the hotel accommodation in Lima

Heading out for the day to do street ministry

Arriving by bus, you would see houses like these.

Performing for a High School

That's Sarah talking with the students

Performing in the market place

The Peruvian's watch our Journey Man skit

We performed next to chickens like these just hanging from a hook.

Our team members do a little souvenir shopping

Pastor Andrew was our host church where we attended nightly services

Dining was actually very enjoyable. A lot of chicken and potatoes

Inka Kola was the in thing to drink

Glad to be home

Sharing the adventure with loved ones