Our First Day In Ohio
We went to Ohio to attend a family reunion of Polly's ancestors

Our first day was spent waiting once again on luggage that was lost by the airlines. Thankfully this time we didn't have to wait all day for it to arrive. We stayed at this Best Western Executive which turned out to be rather a dump, but we virtually had the place to ourselves and they had a nice indoor pool for the kids. After a late breakfast and a change of clothes we decided to check out a local art museum.

The Dayton Art Institute was really very impressive and was housed in this beautiful building.

The family began to arrive over the next couple of days. Here is Sarah with Polly's cousin's daughters
Becky and Kristi

The highlight for the kids was the pool, they could have swam in it the entire time had we let them.

Here are Polly's cousins Brenda and Bonnie and to the right Bonnie's mother Milly

Someone made a Krispy Kreme run, you think we got enough? We had fun talking and eating donuts.