Mirage Hotel & Casino

May 4, 2002

Sarah in front of the volcano at the hotels entrance.
At night is the best time to view it's eruption.

This is the prettiest hotel. I would love to get
a room here sometime. So much to see here.

At one of the entrances you get to see

Siegfried and Roy's famous tigers at play

For $10 a person you can go into the secret gardens

for an up close look at Siegfried & Roy's pets

This white lion loves the camera

he will look right at you and pose.

when you enter you are given a controller

that tells you fun & informational facts

this dolphin habitat is also included in the admission

a tour guide walks you through this area

there is a great video of a birth from one

of their dolphins. Plan on spending at least 1hr.

Outside the hotel at night

The Siegfried and Roy show is very expensive

so we have never seen it other then on t.v.

The volcano however is free

and erupts every 15 min

It's worth stopping by to see