Garden of the Gods
Dedicated in 1909 as a free city park 

This park is located in Colorado Springs. It has 1350 acres of red sandstone rock formations.

Many of these formations are over 300 million
years old. They were sculpted by erosion.

I think the two formations to the left are the
Kissing Camels

And this one I believe was named
Sleeping Indian

And this could be the Cathedral Rock

I just walked around and snapped pictures

David and Sarah doing some rock climbing

This one is for sure Balanced Rock

Red Rocks Amphitheatre
500-foot high sandstone monuments,
carved out seats make up this amphitheatre
which preserves this 70 million year old landmark

this picture was taken from the web to better
show the amphitheatre

When we went to visit the amphitheatre was
under construction. This was our best view