Frog Princess Party

Princess Sarah greets her guests outside the 
Palace Home, where she tells them the wicked queen is out to get them and the fairy godmother will turn them into peasant girls so
they will not be recognized 


While the girls hide disguised in Sarah's room I prepare the meal while they catch up.

Each guest sits at the table with this place setting in front of them. They are told the frog is a prince whom if they close their eyes and kiss him, he will turn into a prince.

The girls close their eyes and kiss but can't open their eyes until each girl has been touched by the fairy godmother and spoken the magic words. Once each girl has a mask slipped on them they open their eyes to see the spell backfired and they are frogs themselves.

They eat lunch and play games of leap frog,
frog toss, fly fling into the frogs mouth, and catching the leaping frogs in a net games.

Later they are turned back into princesses and given tiaras.

Sarah opens her presents and then we take the girls to the Disneyland hotel where we dine at Goofy's Kitchen. The girls loved dining with the characters and afterwards we walked around the hotel. They got to walk around the waterfalls and take in the dancing waters show.

It was getting late when we got home but the girls still had bundles of energy. They had their pick from any of the Disney Princess movies that they could watch in the palace theater (our living room)

In the morning they had pancakes shaped in their initials. While they played and packed up I picked up the pictures from the one hour photo and placed them in their very own story book which I had printed out before the party.

I think this was one of their favorite parties.