Miami, Florida Trip to Visit Polly's Aunts and Fernando's Family

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Taking a walk through the quaint town of Lake Worth

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Breakfast on the pier in Lake Worth

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Dinner with Cousin Sue and Dennis.

John G's on the pier has the best French Toast

The pier was just recently restored after the hurricane.

Dinner at Grumpy Grouper's is a family favorite

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My cousin Sue and Aunt Joann have the best decor

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Weekend in Orlando area

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We rented a 3 bedroom condo for only $90.00 a night. It was nice to be able to cook meals and we even rented a movie one night.

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We found that Orlando use to be a dry county so liquor wasn't easy to come by cheaply. But thanks to ham radio, locals told us where to go.
We had margaritas every night and Dave discovered they sold his favorite hard to come by beer so he picked some up. Sadly he forgot it in the fridge when we packed up.

Downtown Disney in Orlando

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Dave found his favorite place here

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it was so cold we went from shop to shop to stay warm

We spent hours looking around.

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Aww, the Ghiradelli Chocolate store's hot chocolate hits the spot and warms us up. Hot chocolate with sea salt and caramel is sinfully good.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Ok, so we had to run around at the mall the night before and try and find winter clothes in Florida where they had their swimwear already out. Seriously, 29 degrees in
Sunny Florida? The news actually said chance of snowflakes. Locals were actually taking pictures of icicles hanging from buildings. The iguanas were dying and so were
the turtles and manatees. Gloves, scarfs, beanies, jackets and extra layers and we were ready for a day at the Animal Kingdom.

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The animals were not really out roaming around because of the cold, but the attractions and shows were still great.

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The Finding Nemo show was a real treat.

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We absolutely loved the Everest ride. It was so much fun.

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The Lion King show was spectacular as well.

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The Tree of Life, Lion King Show and animal decorated Christmas tree. What a great day.

Meeting Fernando's family and spending the day at
 Miami Bayside Outdoor Mall

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Left: Fernando's grandparents at their home, Middle: his sisters having lunch with us at Bayside, Right: Sarah and Fernando pose by a big tree

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Looking out at the bay, Fernando's mom joins us in the middle picture, a pretty walk along the bay.

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