Florida Trip to See R/C Jet Show
Feb. 18-25, 2003

We booked this condo thru Condo Savers. However, I was not pleased with the service we got from them after arriving, We could only deal with them by phone and ours was not working. Which was part of the problem. The property sales office management was much more helpful and extremely nice. We had a few problems on our trip and they were the ones who came through for us. I recommend this place but going through them directly. It was a beautiful condo as you can see and we were very happy with the property and all that this place had to offer for accommodations. The name is Lake Marion Golf Resort located in Kissimmee, Fl. (888) 382-0088 We had the 3 bedroom unit but they have 2 and 4 bedroom units as well. They all look the same like Irvine.

The Clubhouse included an exercise room and store

We did use this wonderful pool and Jacuzzi 

When we first arrived our luggage was lost by the airlines. We were to call when we got to our condo, but found out that the phone was not in service. The property management allowed us to use their phone for all our important needs. It was a pain not having a phone at our convenience. The cell didn't get reception either. More important was no e-mail access. Couldn't make reservations either, oh well.

Another kind of funny thing was that the smoke detectors batteries were dead and we had to take them out so they would stop beeping. Condo savers didn't know how to help us their either. We did enjoy cooking in our condo as you can see above where Dave is cooking breakfast for us. Polly's mom Barbara and David's dad Gil joined us on this trip. We celebrated Barbara's birthday while here.

Our living room was nice with plenty of room. Polly laid awake on the couch the first night till 3 am waiting for our luggage to arrive. Which it didn't until late the next day. Changing our plans not to mention we had nothing to change into or shower with.

Sarah does her homework in the down time. Usually in the evenings while we check the weather report on the evening news. The weather was nice most the trip, we just had two days of rain that hit late afternoon to early evening. One thunderstorm with the 2nd rain.

Here is a picture of 2 of the 3 bedrooms.

Ours to the left and Barbara & Sarah's to the right

After being frustrated from waiting around all day for our luggage to finally arrive, I decided we needed to get out and do something fun. We set out for an Airboat Ride to see alligators. Here we are at the dock waiting for the next boat to leave.

We spotted this white crane on the docks

And saw this blue heron & nest on the ride

Left & right are a couple of the alligators that we saw along the way. This was a fun ride we all enjoyed it.

After the ride we decide to eat at the restaurant

they have on the premises. But, no gator meat for us