Estes Park 
Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains

From Littleton, Colorado we took a 2 hour drive to Estes Park. It drizzled off an on while we were their that's why the pictures are so dark. This little town has quaint shops with the mountains as their backdrop. 

We took a walk along their lake where we spotted several elks grazing. Kathy and Polly had stayed a safe distance back while David photographed the first elk below right. At that time a rabbit ran up alongside us girls. It seemed as though it had come to say hello. I missed the chance to take his picture since David was busy filming the nature as well. This was a nice place to visit and deserved a much longer day to visit then what we had scheduled.

Here is the view from the path around the lake.

This shot was taken from the Hwy entering Estes

David takes our picture with the lake in back of us

This elk is grazing at the golf course by the lake

Here you can see three elks along the creek

Yet another view of the lake from the path