Disney Party

For Sarah's 3rd Birthday she was really into the Disney Characters so I had an all Disney party. I took Disney paper dolls to dress up the food table with foods that went along with the characters. Then we played games that matched a character as well. I thought it turned out pretty cute.

These little cups matched well with Bells dress. Inside I placed like chex mix or trail mix

Aladdin and Jasmine where placed with a basket of apples, in the background was the market place from the paper doll playset.





With our Minnie and Mickey mouse sandwich maker we made grilled cheese or ham sandwiches that were in the shapes of his or her head.

The Little Mermaid gang decorate a seafood pasta dish for our adult guests mostly.

With a tooth pick I attached these
pirate ship sails to pickles for the
Peter Pan effect.

This cake was bought from Sam Club with the Beauty and the Beast theme and I added the extra characters from Sarah's collection. I went with just the Prince an Princesses for the cake.




We played games like walk the plank to the buried treasure. We took a two by four and made a balance beam for them to walk across. At the other end was a box of sand and that they had to reach in to find hidden foil covered coins and plastic coins and rings.