Blast to the Past Birthday Party

Sarah turns 10 years old

We surprise each guest by waking them up at home.
Then we return to our house where the fun begins
by ringing in New Years past of 1999

This all holidays celebration then takes us through
each calendar month, where we take part in each
holiday as well as each guests birthday. Not only does the guest get a special prize but Sarah gets to
open the gift that guest brought for her.

Each holiday has a special game or activity that goes
along with the theme we are celebrating. Like this
4th of July water balloon toss seen above

At the end of each season the kids take a break to
make up their own scrapbook of the parties events.
Stickers and the album are great party favors

Fun holiday foods add to the excitement

A Christmas birthday cake, and presents from Mom
and Dad are left under the tree to open yet

At Midnight we come back to our present year
of 2000 with a ringing of the clocks alarm

Burning off their remaining energy by dancing and
singing until 2:00 in the morning. Wow! What a
day it was for all of us.