Art Shows and Awards 

1300 students submitted  art work, 600 were selected for display at the Color It Orange art exhibit
 in Laguna Beach. Mine was among the selected and received Honorable Mention

Mater Dei Art Show

IMG_38001.JPG (775028 bytes)  IMG_3981.JPG (753250 bytes)
Johnny Depp piece wins first place at the annual Mater Dei Art Show May 2007
I also received a full panel to display my work. The upper right picture was added by a fellow
Ryman student from MD who didn't have many pictures to display so she shared my board.
Family and friends from church came to show their support and brought me these flowers.

Orange County Fair

IMG_4430.JPG (667629 bytes)    
I won first place on my theme entry at the Orange County Fair

African American Museum

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My first semester at Ryman ends with an exhibition of our work at the African American Museum in LA

Affair of the arts

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My Haunted Mansion piece was selected along with 11 students from the Ryman program to be
auctioned off at an art fundraiser. This event took place at the home of a Disney artist. It was an
elegant evening of guest Disney speakers and professional artists auctioning their art. Mine sold
for $150.00 half of which was donated to the Ryman program as a thank you for this incredible opportunity.

Mater Dei Art Show 2008

IMG_0982.JPG (489057 bytes) IMG_0976.JPG (509190 bytes)
My second year at the Mater Dei Art Show with three displays and 2 second place entries. I also
graduated with Artist of the Year award and was nominated for a scholarship.

Ryman Graduation & Exhibit

In June of 2008 I graduated the Ryman Arts Program and became an Alumni. The ceremony
was again held at the African American Museum where my self portrait remained on display
through July along with my fellow
students artwork. I also received a certificate and Disney book of art.